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What does it take to have a fraudulent “Candidate’s Forum”?



The “Friends of Hot Springs Village” co-sponsored the forum. Members of the “Friends of Hot Springs Village” are financially supporting the candidacy of Mike Medica and Harv Shelton. In this dual role, my opponent's financial backers controlled the format and the content of the questions.


Unlike many forums, candidates did not get to ask each other questions, and questions were not allowed from the audience. Because of this tight control by the "good ole boys" network, we weren't asked any questions about open government, or any other question that they didn't want their candidate to answer. We don't need this kind of Washington gamesmanship in Hot Springs Village elections. If you don't like it either, please vote for Atkins & Gray - we are committed to openly representing all Property Owners, not just a select few.


It wasn't just a fraud against the other candidates, it was a fraud against all Property Owners. I am calling for a public apology from the Friends of Hot Springs Village to allow this fraud to occur in their name.


The result was, in my opinion, a very bland forum.  You can watch the fraud here:






Here is the letter that was included with the ballots:




I have been a property owner for 14 years and a resident for 11 years.  I was elected to the Board of Directors in 2007 for a 1-year term, and re-elected (unopposed) in 2008 for a 3 year term.  I did not seek re-election in 2011.


I received a BS in Computer Science from Louisiana (Lafayette) in 1988.  Since graduation, I have worked in various roles related to Information Systems and Consulting, including the Internal Audit departments of ALLTEL and FedEx.


I believe that my greatest strengths are asking the right questions and finding alternative answers to problems.  I think it is important that there always be an independent viewpoint, one that is not constricted or shaped by following the crowd.


I currently own 3 homes and 142 lots in Hot Springs Village.  My interests are aligned with both home owners and unimproved lot owners. 


Since my POA Board term expired in April 2011, I have been regularly challenging the Board on topics I consider to be bad government or bad policy.  Here are some examples…

·        I was one of the first to oppose the POA’s voting of POA-owned lots in the last Declaration change.  These lots pay no assessments, and should not be considered “in good standing”. 

·        I have frequently questioned the POA Boards “3 minute rule”, which restricts a property owner from speaking for more than 3 minutes at Board meetings, unless they request time in advance and submit a written transcript.

·        I have publicly asked the Board to release information about the firing of the General Manager.  I believe that all property owners have a right to know which Board Member(s) voted against the firing.

·        I have publicly asked the Board to disclose the General Manager’s goals, for which he received bonuses.  I believe that all property owners have a right to know *what* the GM is paid to do, even if the exact amount is not disclosed.

·        I regularly objected to the home building cost increases of up to $16,000.  No Board member publically questioned the fairness or legality of the increase.  Fortunately, the increase was recently rescinded.  We don’t need this kind of leadership failure again.

·        For over a year, I have questioned the value of the POA’s lot sales program.  Marketing of HSV should be about this wonderful place, not about a lot that the POA is trying to sell for $1500 or less.  The only thing worse than flooding the market with cheap lots is telling everybody you’re flooding the market with cheap lots.  The POA has followed the “sell at any price” for years, it is time for a new approach.


A common theme on all of these items is that they were never specifically approved by the Board.   Important issues like these should be publically addressed and debated. 


You can read more election information on my website,


I would appreciate your support, and I ask for your vote.